We aim to take away your pain and assist you in living a normal life after the surgery. Therefore, We strive to perform a successful and complicated-free surgery, and we have recorded a high success rate. However, It is usually a gradual process to fully recover from the surgery, and it takes longer to recover from critical conditions even after surgeries. We provide guide and post-surgery treatments and recommendations for our patients to make sure they return to normalcy, or at least close to it after the surgery within a short period.

Not all conditions require surgery. Some neurological conditions can be treated without surgery. This is why a proper diagnosis is essential. We have professional neurologists who give non-surgical treatments at our hospitals. After diagnosis, the proper treatment will be recommended. If surgery is not the best option, alternative treatment methods will be considered.

In addition to operating on the brain, neurosurgeons also carry out surgical operations on the spinal cord. They treat back and neck pains that may have resulted from a problem in the spinal cord. At the same time, brain surgeons are limited to the brain. They carry out surgical operations only on the brain. Dr. Vikas Rao, MD, is a neurosurgeon. And he is good at what he does.

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Welcome to the office of neurosurgeon Dr. Vikas Rao, where your health comes first. Below are some of the neurosurgical treatments that we offer in Mission Viejo, CA:


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